Monday, April 6, 2009


I am active in local politics and an avid believer in the principles that made the United States of America a free nation, governed by "the people". I am also a father of 8 beautiful children, a want-to-be farmer and the owner of several small businesses. I hold no public office and could probably not afford to even run an effective campaign. I care deeply about this country and can't stand idly by and watch as our freedoms slowly erode.

My voice is small and carries little weight. How can one middle-aged father like myself make a difference when the economy deals with numbers like trillions? I make a good living but come nowhere close to the $600,000 annual salary of those I elect to congress. The more I watch and read about modern politics, the smaller and insignificant I feel. Will my voice even make a minor difference?

What is happening to this country that I love? How can it be possible that the government that represents me continues to take away my freedoms and opportunities on an almost daily basis? Am I powerless to stop them? Where do we go from here?

Asking myself these questions led me to a talk show host. Perhaps you know of Glen Beck. His views have always seemed a little radical to me, but now seem to ring true. He claims that "we surround them". "Them", meaning our elected government officials. He urges the average American to become educated in the principles of the constitution. He encourages everyone, that is all of us small voices, to stand up and remember our civic duty; to let those taking our freedoms away know we are here and won't stand for it any longer!

I don't advocate a revolution. I don't want contention. I only want to be heard. I only want to be free to rise or fall according to the dictates of my own conscience. Agency belongs to America. Christ himself died for agency. Hundreds of thousands of us bled and died in major global conflicts to preserve this precious agency.

I have started this Blog as my own small way of being heard. It's all about voices, right? This will become a pulpit where those I care about can let their voices be heard. My voice is small. But together with the voices of millions of passionate Americans, we will be heard. Or at least that is my humble prayer.

Monty. one small voice


  1. I have been feeling the same way! What can I do? I don't have time or means to run for office, I can't even seem to get my small family of 5 organized. I don't want to join the PTA. But I do want my voice to be heard. I'm proud of you Monty for reaching out there. You never know how big this could get. I watched on Oprah yesterday how a young mom from SLC started a blog about motherhood and now because of advertisements on her blog it is their families main source of income. I know you aren't out to make money but the point is that there are people out there that will read this and feel the same way as you. You can make a difference by putting your voice on the internet. Let's see where this will take us!

  2. Ok so that last comment was from Amy not Lee. I didn't realize he was logged in not me. Sorry.

  3. I have examined the political landscape and have come to one singular conclusion. If we are to succeed in righting this country without revolution, the hearts of the people must be changed. The one and only hope is a constant, steady campaign of education and soul-searching on all our parts. Will it work? It doesn't matter. It is our duty to our children to do it anyhow. Can't afford an effective campaign? Do it anyhow. From 'Facing the Giants': you can't be any less of an elected official than you are right now. I lost two years ago in the North Ogden City Primary. I'm running again. If I lose, and your standard is winning, you will consider me a failure. But I'm not doing it for you. I'm doing it for my children, and my country. Let's all do something for our children, and for our country.