Thursday, April 9, 2009

Modern Americans

When I first heard the term "Modern American", I wondered if I wanted to be one. As I read the "5000 year leap", by Cleon Skousen, I am learning that America was originally considered "the hope of the world". It took over 180 years from the Pilgrims to the Continental Congress, along with what the Founding Fathers called "the hand of Providence" (help from God), to create this hope. Imagine a nation governed by its people. It truly was the Hope of the World. The Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights are inspiring evidences that the United States was "the hope of the world".

Are we still? Does "Modern American" refer to a new breed who have forgotten their roots?

I have made an effort to stay informed. However, part of being a "Modern American" is dealing with a barrage of media information that is usually tilted too far left, or too far right. This forces us to measure issues in terms of political parties instead of time-tested principles of freedom and common sense. The problem with having to use a political party to represent sent you is that their platforms or positions are often superficial and structured on shifting sand. Simply put, they change with the times. Sounds kind of "modern" doesn't it?

So, where can you find the truth? Is there a balanced media source to keep the Modern American informed? I will list a number of sources for your review. All too often, however, we Americans forget that the same Hand of Providence that made this "hope of the world" come to fruition, knows the truth. My personal beliefs in God allow me great faith in the knowledge that God is still in charge. He is the source of all truth. He will reveal it if we ask humbly. So our first source of truth should be prayer. Now here are some others that I received from a very gifted and intelligent political consultant in Pennsylvania:


Conservative leaning:

Liberal leaning:

As I consider the implications of being a "Modern American", I have come to the conclusion that I am one, but don't like it. I sense a change in the air for many of us. The more I read of the principles and eternal truths upon which this nation was founded, the more I find myself wanting not to be so "modern". I want to be more "old school", to believe as the founding fathers did that we are to have "just enough government to maintain security, justice, and good order, but not enough government to abuse the people." I'm going to keep studying.

"the not-so-modern-anymore American"


  1. I'm so glad you invited me to be part of your reading audience. Your passion is so ispirational. Even if reading this does make me feel that my blog is very shallow and girly!

    I too find that as I get older, and come to understand more about the gospel and the world, the people I once thought to be slightly radical are those whose words now start to ring true to me!

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts on these matters and perhaps adding some of my own!


  2. You should also try instapundit. My husband reads it daily.