Thursday, April 23, 2009

The People's Law

"The People's Law" is a great description of how the Founding Fathers meant to be ruled. These are laws based on timeless principles, put in place and maintained by the "people". That's you and me. This seems to strike at the heart of what freedom really means. It's a system set up that allows us to govern our own lives; to act within our own spheres; to have choice, real choice.

Those who worked for over 180 years to create a nation where "the people" would truly be free sought to create a system with enough government to maintain security, justice and good order, but NOT enough government to abuse "the people" or take away their right to direct their own future.

Thomas Jefferson was influenced heavily by the tenets of the Anglo Saxon law. He wanted a renaissance of these kinds of principles. He gave a hierarchy of solving problems when he said: problem solving "rests first of all with the individual, then the family, then the community, then the region, and finally, the nation."

Not only were "the people" to be given freedom to direct their own lives, they were to be responsible to create and uphold a reasonable government structure that would protect that freedom for generations to come. Jefferson wanted a system with "small manageable groups where every adult has a voice."

Sounds like there are two key components to maintaining this free nation. 1. The responsibility to direct our own livf in accordance with "the people's law", and 2. The responsibility to participate in community affairs to ensure that right is protected. So, how are we doing? How much of this is taught in school? How many of us care as much about our community as we do about just eking out a living for our families?

I don't think we are doing so great. As I pondered on what would happen if we stay on this track, I came across some disturbing words of Benjamin Franklin: "I am apprehensive, therefore, that the Government of these States may in future times end in a monarchy. But this catastrophe, I think may be long delayed, if in our proposed system we do not sow the seeds of contention, faction, and tumult, by making our posts of honor, places of profit."

Scary to think we are even headed towards monarchy. For some time now, congress and the very office of president have become "places of profit". Once in, the salaries are high, there are no term limits (congress) and the long term benefits will take care of you for the rest of your lives. We have seen Republican presidents profit from being in the Presidents office. Democrats have the same problems. Five days before President Obama was sworn in, he signed a $2 million book deal and took a $500,000 advance. Is there a question that we have made our "posts of honor, places of profit"?

Reminding ourselves of these timeless principals helps us know what to look for in choosing those who represent us, as well as motivate us to take personal responsibility for protecting freedom. Somehow that first few powerful words of the Declaration of Independence now means more to me. "We, The People".


  1. A lot to consider. I don't think I've ever heard that quote from Benjamin Franklin. Gave me chills a little bit.

    I posted about your blog today!

  2. Monty...came here thru Xazmin, and I must say I feel the exact same way. I live in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. and it is a very political area, as you can imagine. Unfortunately, my state is far left. Not me! For years and years I've been extremely concerned and worried about politics in general. As the saying goes around here "If you got a buck, you got a vote". It most certainly is not what our founding fathers wanted.

    Thanks for starting this blog...let's hope more join in :)

  3. I'm glad Xazmin directed me here! Thanks for your honest and candid views on our great nation. It makes me realize I need to be more involved in the community. I'm sure you know of Glenn Beck and I love his theory, "We surround them." Truly, united we stand, divided we fall.

  4. I also found you through Xazmin. Government has gotten too big and our elected officials have forgotten they are public servants. Truly the posts of honor have turned into place of profit. Lobbyists, anyone?

  5. Powerful words to think about. How do I start changing or making a difference? I ponder this a lot. I know I need to be more involved in the community but how do you balance that with raising a family and all the many other things that are good, that we do?