Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Stars and States

Personal Note

I am a Republican, you are a Democrat. I favor a Conservative interpretation of the constitution, your interpretation is Liberal. I blame those in power now for the financial and moral condition of our country, you blame the last administration.

What we both lack is trust. We tend to trust our own party. Why? Well, because that is what we have been conditioned to do. Since Conservative values most accurately represent my personal beliefs, then surely anyone that promotes conservative values must be trustworthy, right? When those with a Liberal interpretation of the constitution bring a bill to congress, surely they can be trusted by more Liberal citizens of the US, right? WRONG!!

Two wrongs do not make a right. We are in crisis today. Not because Liberals or Conservatives are in power, but because we have lost control. We don’t trust those who lead us anymore. We don’t trust the media. And many of us are losing faith in America.

Through serious reflection, study and prayer, I humbly present the following solution to the United States of America. Yes, little old me. Just a Dad. Just a concerned citizen. Just one of the “small people” with a deep and abiding love for this country. I thank God to live in a country where even the softest voice can be heard.

Monty Hardy
Father and Patriot

Power in the States

The solution is really quite simple. It is “grass roots” and follows the constitution. It’s not a contest to see how many people we can get together in one gathering. It’s not ignoring the sentiment of the general populous. The solution begins at home, meaning with the individual states. We have allowed our leaders to become professional politicians. We have allowed them to do many things in secret. We have allowed them to build power and take bribes. We have corrupted them. We have allowed them to set their own compensation and be accountable only to themselves. Now, let us repent.

Each state must pass a set of required standards of those who represent them. Once we are sure we can trust those who represent us, we can trust each other, regardless of party affiliation. We must get back to giving power to those who not only will represent us well, but who also have the kind of character and moral fiber that can withstand the temptations that come with being granted power.

Let each state ensure their representatives are trustworthy. Let them require representatives to meet standards of high moral and ethical character. Let them hold their representatives accountable while they are in office. Let this become a state law. There is power in local control. Let there be power in the States.


Just as there are 50 precious stars on the field of blue that make up our flag, let each star symbolize the VOICE of each State. Just as each star has 5 points, let each representative from each state be held to 5 moral and ethical standards, and this by state law.

1. Personal Values
2. Fair Compensation
3. Accountability
4. Public Service
5. Transparency

Personal Values
Require by state law that each representative of the state to US Congress declare his/her top 5 personal values and proffer evidence to the same. Values are foundations that make up human character. These values inevitably influence the actions of our representatives. Let’s allow the people being represented the right to consider the evidence and to know upon what values they are casting their vote.

Fair Compensation
Regardless of what US Congress decides to compensate members of Congress, let’s require by state law that members of congress are compensated 100% by the state which elected them to their seat. Let states determine their salary, benefits and any per diem payments. Allowing a body to approve their own compensation is fiscally irresponsible and contrary to human nature. It breeds greed and resentment. Let each state’s representative be beholden to the state being represented.

Each Member of the US Congress is accountable first to God (or their own personal values), second to those who founded this great nation and third to the people that elected them to office. This is not about who contributes more to whose campaign. This is about stewardship, honor and service. State representatives should live by the values they have declared their own. They should understand more than the common citizen the US Constitution and principles on which the United States was founded. They should care more about what their constituents want than how much is contributed to their re-election fund. Let each state pass a law that allows representatives to be removed and replaced mid-term if the state congress determines they are not living up to their stewardship.

Public Service
Politics have become a career. Those who remain in power for longer periods of time serve on better committees, are able to bring bills to the floor and often participate in decision making that takes place amongst leadership in the “back room”. Let each state make a law that does not allow any of their representatives to serve more than 2 consecutive terms. This will allow states to ensure that their representatives can be trusted. Instead of career politicians, let us seek out the best and brightest in each state, and press them to public service. Self imposed term limits builds trust.

Modern technology affords us the great opportunity of having very open and clear communication lines between representatives and their constituents, if we want it to happen. Too many important issues go unnoticed by those being represented. Too many bills are passed in such haste that not even Members of Congress have time to read them, let alone consider their implications. Let each state require that their representatives read every word of every bill for which they vote. Let states pass laws regarding transparency.

50 Stars. 50 States. 50 Voices. The power to regain trust, renew faith and take back this great nation lies with the States!


  1. Welcome back! I was just thinking about you as I was visiting a political Facebook group, and wishing you would post again soon. Then I came over here and my wish was granted! I love this Monty. You really got me thinking the other night when we talked about healthcare. It's time for us to get back to what made our nation great. Thanks for being such a good example and inspiring voice.

  2. Okay, so I live in Oregon. So I would still be stuck! I don't trust my fellow Oregonians to make the right decisions. : /

  3. Well said!! I agree wholeheartedly. I think it's a shame that our country and it's "leaders" have let us become what we are.

    Unfortunately, if your suggestions were put into place, I'm not sure how many people would really want those positions in government. You'd have to actually find candidates that were interested in making the career choice of working hard for the people .....hmmmm?!

    xoxo ~Lisa

  4. Monty!

    Great blog...blog more :)


  5. I read this as Scott Brown has just won Massachussettes last night! He gives me hope! I feel just like you as a mom but do not have the words or ideas that you have. Keep going with this! I love reading your blog.